Sistem Pengendalian dan Pengukuran melalui Web Berbasis SistemOperasi Linux
I. Firmansyah, Z. Akbar, B. Hermanto dan L.T. Handoko
Prosiding Seminar Instrumentasi Berbasis Fisika 2008
The paper describes the design and the application of web-based automation and measurement. The system consists of several devices such as AVR/MCS51 microcontrollers, sensors, actuators and personal computer (PC) as a web server which is installed by Linux operating system. All the components are connected through communication link so that they can communicate each other while sending or receiving the data. The clients or users can access the devices over web browser by sending request to the web server, thus the web server receives and processes the request by activating the CGI program which has responsibilities for sending and receiving the command to the microcontroller through parallel port. The microcontroler will finally generate an action based on the command received such as reading the temperature from the sensors or controlling the DC motor. By integrating the system, then we can build and develop the system which can be controlled and measured over web or Internet such as LIPI Public Cluster and Web-based Modular Wireless Robot.
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101 Inovasi Indonesia Paling Prospektif 2009
Sistem Terintegrasi Perangkat Lunak untuk Robot Jaringan Modular
Sistem Robot Jaringan Modular
An Integrated Software-based Solution for Modular and Self-independent Networked Robot
Microcontroller-based System for Modular Networked Robot
Sistem Pengendalian dan Pengukuran melalui Web Berbasis SistemOperasi Linux
A Prototype of Web-Based, Modular and Wireless Monitoring Robot
Perancangan Sistem Penggerak Robot Modular Nirkabel Berbasis Web
Control and Monitoring System for Modular Wireless Robot