A Prototype of Web-Based, Modular and Wireless Monitoring Robot
I. Firmansyah
Theses for Master Study of Physics at UI (2008)
We introduce and develop a concept on a modular and wireless robot that is accessible and controlled over web through wireless internet. This robot is divided into three modules: main module, data acquisition module and data processing module. Main module consists of robot’s body and a main board that responsible not only for being a web server but also for storing all the software needed including device driver and operating system. The second module is data acquisition module that is related to the hardware such as sensors, microcontroller, and signal conditioner circuits. The last module is data processing module, this module consist of software that is made to process the data from the sensors. All of the modules are integrated to build a generic prototype with an integrated control and monitoring system to enhance its flexibility, and to enable simple operation through a web-based interface accessible wirelessly.
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101 Inovasi Indonesia Paling Prospektif 2009
Sistem Terintegrasi Perangkat Lunak untuk Robot Jaringan Modular
Sistem Robot Jaringan Modular
An Integrated Software-based Solution for Modular and Self-independent Networked Robot
Microcontroller-based System for Modular Networked Robot
Sistem Pengendalian dan Pengukuran melalui Web Berbasis SistemOperasi Linux
A Prototype of Web-Based, Modular and Wireless Monitoring Robot
Perancangan Sistem Penggerak Robot Modular Nirkabel Berbasis Web
Control and Monitoring System for Modular Wireless Robot