LIPI Modular & Networked Robot (LMNR) is a new type of robot developed by the Group for Theoretical and Computational Physics (GFTK), Research Center for Physics, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia) - LIPI.

LMNR comprises some innovations and technologies mainly adopted from our LIPI Public Cluster. Following our internal policy, the whole architecture of LMNR is open for public under GNU Public License, and now available at SourceForge.net.

It has unique characteristics as :

  • The whole system consists of 3 independent modules : main unit (MU), data acquisition and processing system (DAPS) modules.
  • All aspects are fully controllable and monitorable wirelessly over web
  • Acquired data are stored, processed and analyzed at the robot's local system independently.
  • The raw data and its results can be displayed and retrieved real-time by users through web.
  • The hardware driven components are as much as possible replaced with the software driven systems to improve the modularity and low cost development.

This new approach leads to the following benefits :

  • Easy access for end-users regardless the OS being used. Also no additional software installation is required at the terminal accessing the robot.
  • Overall cost reduction, since most parts work on software-based system.
  • High compatibility due to limited proprietary hardwares and its embedded softwares used in the system. Moreover all software-based components are developed using freely available open-source softwares.
  • High flexibility and modularity due to modular system enabling various combination or replacement among different modules.

What kind of applications LMNR is appropriate for ?

In principle any kinds of remote control and monitoring works become our target. This is actually the reason we make LMNR to be modular. One can develope a particular set of DAPS attached to the same MU, or construct different type of MU and attach the same DAPS.

Example : semi-permanent volcano monitoring system, mobile environment observer, etc.

Funding : The project of LMNR is supported by the in-house research fund of GFTK LIPI.


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