Microcontroller-based System for Modular Networked Robot
I. Firmansyah, Z. Akbar, B. Hermanto and L.T. Handoko
Proceeding of the 2008 International Conference on Advanced Computational Intelligence and Its Applications
A prototype of modular networked robot for autonomous monitoring works with full control over web through wireless connection has been developed. The robot is equipped with a particular set of built-in analyzing tools and appropriate censors, depending on its main purposes, to enable self-independent and real-time data acquisition and processing. The paper is focused on the microcontroller-based system to realize the modularity. The whole system is divided into three modules : main unit, data acquisition and data processing, while the analyzed results and all aspects of control and monitoring systems are fully accessible over an integrated web-interface. This concept leads to some unique features : enhancing flexibility due to enabling partial replacement of the modules according to user needs, easy access over web for remote users, and low development and maintenance cost due to software dominated components.

arXiv:0809.0727 (
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101 Inovasi Indonesia Paling Prospektif 2009
Sistem Terintegrasi Perangkat Lunak untuk Robot Jaringan Modular
Sistem Robot Jaringan Modular
An Integrated Software-based Solution for Modular and Self-independent Networked Robot
Microcontroller-based System for Modular Networked Robot
Sistem Pengendalian dan Pengukuran melalui Web Berbasis SistemOperasi Linux
A Prototype of Web-Based, Modular and Wireless Monitoring Robot
Perancangan Sistem Penggerak Robot Modular Nirkabel Berbasis Web
Control and Monitoring System for Modular Wireless Robot