Control and Monitoring System for Modular Wireless Robot
I. Firmansyah, B. Hermanto and L.T. Handoko
Proceeding of the Industrial Electronics Seminar 2007, Surabaya, Indonesia, 2007
We introduce our concept on the modular wireless robot consisting of three main modules : main unit, data acquisition and data processing modules. We have developed a generic prototype with an integrated control and monitoring system to enhance its flexibility, and to enable simple operation through a web-based interface accessible wirelessly. In present paper, we focus on the microcontroller based hardware to enable data acquisition and remote mechanical control.

arXiv:0710.0903 (
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101 Inovasi Indonesia Paling Prospektif 2009
Sistem Terintegrasi Perangkat Lunak untuk Robot Jaringan Modular
Sistem Robot Jaringan Modular
An Integrated Software-based Solution for Modular and Self-independent Networked Robot
Microcontroller-based System for Modular Networked Robot
Sistem Pengendalian dan Pengukuran melalui Web Berbasis SistemOperasi Linux
A Prototype of Web-Based, Modular and Wireless Monitoring Robot
Perancangan Sistem Penggerak Robot Modular Nirkabel Berbasis Web
Control and Monitoring System for Modular Wireless Robot